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“Our passion is to help you further your career with online courses that are both budget friendly, and available at any time of the day to fit in your busy schedule.”


Texas Fire Training is a San Antonio, Texas based fire training company. TFT is owned and operated by experienced TCFP certified Firefighters at respective municipal fire departments throughout Texas. We know how important education is within the fire service, but also know how hectic your schedule can become being that we have worked at some of the busiest firehouses in Texas. Texas Fire Training allows you to maintain your “shift work” schedule while obtaining certifications to further your career because the majority of our courses are online.

The Texas Commission on Fire Protection has approved the training provided by Texas Fire Training. Students may participate in the Texas Commission on Fire Protection’s examination process in order to obtain state certification and/or IFSAC seals for Driver Operator (pumper), Fire Instructor I and II, and Fire Officer I and II once all TFT course work is completed.


Fire Officer and Instructor course programs most benefits those individuals seeking to improve their knowledge of fire service administration and instruction. Even at the station level, officers must be able to skillfully administrate many personnel and training based situations. Individuals completing these courses will be able to design and implement effective training evolutions which will improve company performance, and cohesiveness. Many departments are now requiring these certifications as a condition of employment or promotion. So, stay ahead of the curve, and get your certification now! Individuals who complete these courses may apply for IFSAC certification gaining national recognition for their certification accomplishments.

The TCFP recommends these courses to build a skilled departmental workforce. Officers trained in these methods, and in turn training their subordinates, guarantee a consistent work standard throughout the fire service. Training and consistency are major factors in fire ground survivability!

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